Wandering Earth ignites A-share China’s annual consumption lights up the economy

“Wandering Earth” ignites A-share China’s annual consumption lights up the economy

The first day of construction after the Yifan Spring Festival holiday, the A-share market was booming.

  Especially driven by the continuous refresh of the box office record of “Wandering Earth”, Beijing Culture, one of the investors, had a heavy daily limit yesterday. The other dialects also showed different levels of performance. In addition, the market box office was less than the expected film investor, Light Media, etc.Aggravation then decreases.

This is yet another initial period when the entertainment and capital circles have become increasingly close.

In addition, Wanda Pictures withdrew its capital from “Wandering Earth” and switched to “Sentiment 2”, which has become a realistic sample of “investment at risk”.

  Although there are different views on “Wandering Earth”, more 西安桑拿 people think that “Wandering Earth” may represent the highest level of Chinese science fiction movies today. In any case, it will become a theater in the history of Chinese cinema.

In the eyes of foreign film critics, the film opened the first year of Chinese science fiction.

  Coincidentally, the release of the film coincides with China’s gradual leap in space: in January 2019, China’s detectors landed on the back of the moon.

Although this lags behind Russia and the United States for decades, China has sent astronauts into orbit and plans to join or even lead the grand plan of a new era of space exploration.

  In the Spring Festival of 2019, there is such a strong sense of technology and culture.

  Another bright color comes from Chinese consumption at home and abroad during the Spring Festival.

On February 11, China 重庆耍耍网 UnionPay released the latest Spring Festival consumption data. During the Spring Festival holiday in 2019 (February 4 to February 10, New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Eve), UnionPay’s online transactions reached a record high for the Spring Festival holiday, and the total transaction amount exceeded the firstTrillion, reaching 1.

16 trillion yuan, an increase of 71 over the same period last year (New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the year).


Among them, the rapid growth of cultural and entertainment and tourism consumption has become an obvious feature of consumption upgrade.

  In the just past 2018, the contribution of consumer spending to economic growth increased by 76.

2%, an increase of 18 from 2017.

6 averages.

Judging from the situation of the Spring Festival this year, consumption growth still maintains a good momentum.

  Data show that, except for dinner, during the Spring Festival, the amount of sports such as skiing and fitness increased by 1 compared with the same period last year.

2 times.

Consumer spending on entertainment, watching movies and other entertainment increased, and the amount increased by more than double the proportion of the same period last year.

Behind this is the change in the pockets and taste of urban and rural residents. It is the constant satisfaction and creation of ordinary people’s longing for a better life. It is no longer just to eat and wear warmth, but also to pursue physical health, pay more attention to the cultivation of culture, high quality, personalizedLife is becoming the choice of more and more Chinese consumers.

  The data on tourism consumption are equally exciting.

China UnionPay’s statistics show that this year’s Spring Festival holiday, travel agencies, large-scale attractions ticketing, hotel accommodation and other travel-related consumption increased by more than 90%; UnionPay mobile payment business transactions and transaction amounts increased by 2 over the same period last year.

5 times and 4.

4 times.

Overseas, China UnionPay’s mobile phone flash payment and UnionPay QR code payment for overseas transactions increased by nearly 120%.

This is similar to the “Spring Festival Economic Report 2019” released by Alibaba.

The report quoted flying pig data showing that during the Spring Festival this year, the number of overseas trips increased by 28%, and island tours around the world grew by more than 90%.

  Prior to the Spring Festival, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ten ministries and commissions worked together to formulate the “Implementation Plan for Further Optimizing Supply, Promoting Consumption and Increasing Consumption, and Promoting the Formation of a Strong Internal Market.”Need.

This provides policy guarantees for expanding consumption and building a strong domestic market.

In addition, through a series of comprehensive measures such as tax reduction and fee reduction in place, residents’ income will increase, and consumption capacity will increase. The fundamental supporting role of consumption in economic development will further emerge.

  Of course, consumers are also looking forward to more movies like “Wandering Earth”, which will continue to promote the growth of China’s film and television industry. At the same time, it will bring clear flow to the capital market and ignite passion for dividends.