American media: Wall Street Journal employees ask the newspaper to formally apologize

American media: “Wall Street Journal” employees ask the newspaper to formally apologize
[Global Times Special Correspondent Lu Wen]”Change the title and apologize to the readers!”The Wall Street Journal” scandal of “Headline of Insult to China” has been making a lot of noise recently, even within the media: several staff members of the newspaper have signed a joint letter recently, asking the “Wall Street Journal” to “China is truly Asia”The “Sick Man” article caused a serious impact on the official apology.  According to a report by the New York Times on the 23rd, the joint letter, with the signatures of 53 journalists and editors, was issued on the 20th of this month through the e-mail address of Zheng Ziyang, the head of the China Branch of the Wall Street Journal.The recipients were Lewis, the chief executive officer of Dow Jones, the publisher of the newspaper, and Thomson, the chief executive of News Corporation, the parent company of Dow Jones.The letter co-signers were mostly staff members of the Wall Street Journal in mainland China and Hong Kong. 上海夜网论坛 They were nested by three reporters, Li Zhaohua, president of the Beijing Branch, and reporters Deng Chao and Wen You, who were revoked by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.However, the co-authors do not include Zheng Ziyang, who is only responsible for sending mail on behalf of him.  ”Washington Post” said on the 23rd that the joint letter clearly stated that its title carries a “derogatory symbol” and “offended many people, including the Chinese.”The letter states: “We ask you to consider correcting the title and introducing offensive audiences covered in this article-including our readers, colleagues, source providers, etc.-to apologize.This letter analyzed the current “interests” in detail and reminded high-level officials that the public anger in China at this stage is “real existence”.The letter states: “If we do 南京夜网 not take relevant actions, we will severely cut off the future transformation of our society and the morale of our employees will be further damaged.Not only that, this incident is about to cause long-term damage to the Wall Street Journal brand and the reporting ability of our agency in this important news position in China.This joint letter also mentioned the internal controversy caused by the article “The Asian Sick Man” in the Wall Street Journal, revealing that staff members had already reminded China to take corresponding actions; some people doubted that such articles would not be published during the new crown pneumonia outbreak.Will be very “bad taste”.The letter said: “We don’t consider the statement ‘unintentional offensive’ to be persuasive.Someone must have clearly caused a large-scale attack.Even if no one admits it, they should correct and apologize in advance for the mistakes that have been made.”Unfortunately, the Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones Company maintained their positions until the 22nd.The newspaper Severin House stated in a statement on the 22nd that the newspaper “deeply understood” the “great challenges” faced by its employees and their families in China, and adopted a “open dialogue” approach to gain mutual understanding.They provide appropriate support.The Dow Jones company confirmed that it has received a joint letter, but the company’s statement is consistent with the Wall Street Journal’s caliber and said it will continue to assist the “reinstatement” of three journalists based in China.